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Joe Ligotti

Thanks for those kind words. I want to thank You for giving me my start. Not many people know that fact. It is my sincere hope that we all land on our feet and in this wonderfully fun business, doing what we all do best and love to do.


Tom, You sir are a neomaxizwoondweebie and I love that about you. Michael Graham was at time an insufferable bastard, but very good at taking opposite viewpoints, hence why I continued to listen long after Jay was gone.

here is my dream radio line up
J and M from 6 to 10
Barnicle and Shaughnessy 10 to 1
Shattuck 1 to 1:00:30
Graham from 1:00:31 to 4
Severin from 4 to 7
McPhee 7 to 10
Shattuck 10 to midnight

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