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Here is a tip from. Find a table full of hot women and find the most unattractive girl in the lot with a few extra pounds and ask her to dance or buy her a drink. The hottie at the table will be so offended she will wind up at home with you asking for breakfast. Also, you need to stay in your league. If you ain't hot, you ain't getting nuttin. for every ten lbs over weight, you need to have an extra million in the bank and flaunt it from the second you walk in, otherwise, you should just go to Craiglist and pay for it, it's cheaper and guaranteed.

Neely Steinberg

An excellent post, per usual, Tom! Thanks for including me. :)

Tom Shattuck

Thank YOU Neely

Tom Shattuck

Damn, Edawg, those are some tough realities.

Jeff "Houndog" Porter

Great writing Tom, I had a great laugh reading it!

PS- I completely disagree with Edawg. With his theory I would never have been given the nickname "Houndog". Maybe things are different with cyber ladies, I'm not sure, I've only ever dealt with the real thing! Neely was completely correct about approaching women, a man needs charm, not a big bank account! ;)

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